Pro Media / UltraSound integrates audio - video and performance audio systems of all sizes and scopes. Project categories in which the company excels include: Educational Facilities, Corporate Offices, Performing Arts Centers, Houses of Worship, Airports, Convention Centers, Sports Facilities, Concert Halls, and Auditoriums.

Located in Hercules, California, and in operation for 31 years under the original founder. The company has been involved in installation projects of all types as well as large scale music tours around the world. We are well known for providing specialized sound reinforcement, audio - video , broadcast cable installations and specialty electronics.

The contracting installation division integrates audio - video and high performance audio systems of all sizes and scopes. Projects completed include educational facilities, corporate offices, performing arts centers, houses of worship, airports, convention centers, sports facilities, concert halls and auditoriums.
•  Four separate departments / business units: contract installation, production
audio rental, warranty & service, equipment sales
•  Each unit staffed by dedicated manager and employees
•  Coordination and strategic use of the broad company knowledge base creates
a natural & powerful problem solving organization
•  Many employees work as operators & sound mixers
•  Owned and managed by the original company founder